Are Bathroom Renovations Worth It?

Generally speaking, it is important as a homeowner to understand where money is best spent – not all renovations will be worthwhile. One of the most popular home projects is the bathroom remodel, but is it worth the dollars?

Let’s take a closer look at remodeling a bathroom for your next house project.

Bathroom renovations

An existing bathroom remodel or bathroom upgrade increases the resale value of your house, however not all projects will recoup 100% of the costs. While that is certainly possible, especially if you have only one bathroom in a small space or add a bathroom addition, how much value depends on the project’s cost. It is more likely that you will recoup anywhere from 67% on midrange (<$21,000) bathroom materials with laminate flooring or a half bath remodel, and 60% on upscale powder room renovation project (>$21,000) with expensive materials throughout the entire space. This does not mean that an upscale remodel isn’t worth it, however, as upgrading bathroom boosts the local market show demand of your home.

Beyond the financial implications of an additional bathroom (or new bathrooms), it is important to consider the joy that renovations add to your life. Some people find that bath renovations free of old fixtures are more aesthetically pleasing than pre-renovated spaces, and updating fixtures is always fun. Many homeowners find that this kind of project is worth it even if they do not make back their entire investment monetarily.

Let’s look at how bathroom remodeling increases the value of your home!

Bathroom Design plans

Pros of bathroom remodels

Why should you opt for a bath renovation for your next project? Here are some pros to keep in mind.

1.       Boost home’s resale

Existing bath makeovers are one of the few kinds of remodel projects which consistently increase home value.

2.       Enhance function

Some homeowners find that their bathroom layout leaves something to be desired. Why not start fresh? A brand new bathroom remodeling project makes it easy to make the bathroom wheelchair accessible or add a walk-in shower, accessible storage, support bars, tiled shower walls, new lighting, double sinks, a medicine cabinet, structural changes like a widened doorway or an increased bathroom size, and comfortable ceramic tile floors (or even heated floors) which make your experience a better one.

3.       Eco-friendly

Some changes to bathrooms have the added bonus of lowering monthly bills. When you opt for eco-friendly toilet and faucet designs, for example, you can save money and water every day. You can also invest in furniture and fixtures made of recycled material if you are looking for an additional way to benefit – or, at the very least, not harm – the environment through your remodel.

  1. Master bathroom

Don’t forget that you can add a bath to your bedroom! From stone floors to a tile floor, stone countertops to fancy shower heads and high end faucets, new plumbing, new efficiency electrical work, and top of the line fixtures, your bath will shine.

Luxurious minimalist bathroom

Cons of bath renovation

There aren’t many reasons to avoid bath remodels! In general, a renovation is typically a great choice for just about any home thanks to their positive impact on home satisfaction and value alike. With that said, there are one or two things to keep in mind before you jump in.

1.       Cost/inconvenience

Remodeling a room in your home is worth the investment, but they also are not cheap. Even a midrange remodel can cost upwards of $10,000 while upscale projects can easily pass the $50,000 mark, including labor costs. Make sure that you have an adequate budget before you start a bathroom renovation.

While they can boost functionality of your space, construction in your house can be inconvenient because they leave you without a washroom for the duration. If you can deal with the lack of a dedicated bath for a while in exchange for a more satisfying space after the project is complete, however, you will likely enjoy your space a whole lot more afterwards.

Are you interested in giving that old tired bath a facelift? Reeves Remodeling can help!