Your Bathroom Experts At Reeves Remodeling we specialize in transforming old, tired bathrooms into refreshing beautiful ones in as little as 1 to 2 days.


Tulsa Bathroom Remodeling

Reeves Remodeling is a Tulsa area bathroom remodeling company who can transform any kind of bathroom into a gorgeous comfort room in as little as 1-2 days at a fraction of the replacement cost.

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Acrylic & onyx wall systems
Lifetime warranty
Waterproof system
Low maintenance
ADA compliant
Customized to fit personal needs
80+ different color/style choices

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We offer the most affordable bathroom renovations in Tulsa.

The Reeves Remodeling team considers every homeowner to be our neighbor. That means you can expect full transparency, open communication, effective project management, and local hard workers.

From the design stage to the final installation, we only provide you with quality products that make your home more welcoming for family and friends.

Bathroom Remodeling Company in Tulsa, OK

Tub Conversions

Whether you want a safer alternative to bathtub walls or want a more sophisticated style in the bathroom, we’ll build the tub or spa of your dreams.

Tub to Shower Conversions

We can transform your old unused bathtub into new shower space with stunning colors, textures and natural stone patterns.

Shower Upgrades

Our top quality materials and superior process allow us to install an exceptional, modern, and long-lasting shower.

Bathroom Flooring

For old, worn out floors, we have solutions for repair and installation of various types of vinyl bathroom flooring.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

We customize the perfect bathroom vanity that adds functionality and style to your home.

Bathroom Cabinets

We furnish your bathroom with custom decorative and functional cabinetry pieces to bring flair and personality to your bath.

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Reeves Remodeling

We strive to exceed customer expectations on every job big or small.

After 10+ years in the bath remodeling industry, our owner Stephen Reeves decided to start our business in the Claremore and Tulsa area to help make remodeling more affordable for the average person.

Reeves Remodeling takes pride in providing high-quality renovation services using the highest quality materials on the market. We don’t cut corners because we want to create the best bathrooms in the Tulsa area and because we want our customers to be happy.

We are an A+ rated, veteran owned business focused on providing custom and modern bath remodels including shower conversions, vanities, and bathroom flooring. Our experts can modernize your living space no matter the scope or size of the renovation you envision.

We pay close attention to every customer to ensure their ideas for their bathrooms are brought to fruition. Over the years, we have developed strict standards and procedures to ensure consistency in both the customer’s overall experience and the final result.

We make the bathroom remodeling process as hassle free as possible, with turnaround times as fast as 1-2 days.


Our Blog

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Tulsa Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bath remodeling is the process of renovating an existing bathroom. This can include anything from changing the flooring, to adding a new tub, or upgrading cabinets and fixtures. Our company specializes in bathroom remodels and we are happy to help you find the right remodeling contractors for your home in Tulsa.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Custom Vanities

A vanity is one of the most important items in a woman’s bathroom. It’s not just for makeup or hair styling, but it can be used as a dressing table or an office desk too. With so many styles of vanities on the market these days, it can be hard to figure out what you might need and what you don’t. Which is why we’re here to give you some advice on what to consider before making your next bathroom vanity purchase.

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The benefits of a bathroom remodel go way beyond a walk in shower and storage space (hello, brand new cabinets). The truth is, anyone who has a bath or shower in their home will benefit from the positive changes a remodeling project can bring. Below are just a few of the numerous benefits you can expect when you remodel your bathroom, but first let’s start at where we begin.

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How to Find a Good Tulsa Bathroom Remodeler

We at Reeves Remodeling have been in the business in Tulsa for 12 years. Our owner Steve Reeves, is a veteran. Our company is BBB Accredited and Insured. Our company remodels anything that has to do with bathrooms. You name it we can do it. We have existing projects that are almost complete.

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How To Maintain Your New Bathroom

Your new bathroom is finally finished! You’ve been cleaning and organizing the other rooms in your house for months, so now it’s finally time to start making your new space liveable. No doubt that when you move into a new home, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining your bathroom decor.