Bathroom Vanity

Most bathrooms only consist of minimal design. We all know that we should always keep the spaces clean and tidy, but this doesn’t mean we cannot add trinkets and other decorations anymore! With the modern trend of design as an essential part of a comforting and relaxing home, you will need more than a sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet bowl.

If you desire to match your bathroom with your home’s interior design, you should consider adding a bathroom vanity. Reeves Remodeling will help you along the way in redefining your bathroom space.

A lifeless bathroom is a bathroom less enjoyed.

Coming home from work or school can be tiring, so you head straight to the bathroom to freshen up and prepare for bedtime. But you’re baffled that your bathroom’s full of clutter and crowded with all of your essentials. It should be a place for relaxation, not for causing additional stress and frustration. This situation calls for a significant transformation to perk up your lifeless bathroom into a clutter-free and spacious place.

If you’re wondering who can do this job, don’t worry! We offer bathroom vanity services that will assuredly make your next visit are enjoyable and more peaceful.

Bathroom Vanity Is The Real Deal!

The essence of having vanities is to make your bathroom pop and add the overall value to your property. By availing of our services, we make sure that all your ideas and inspirations will become true to life.

You’ll never run out of bathroom vanity options with Reeves Remodeling! Whatever styles you want , we got you covered as we have 80+ different color and style choices. We offer 30 different colors for vanity tops, and ten different bowl styles to match your preferences. Our vanity tops and bowls have a solid surface material so that it will remain sturdy for years!

Our bathroom vanities are also customizable in case you want to transfer some trinkets in different places on it. We can also improve your current vanities by refurbishing them. For instance, if you have wooden vanities, we can add vibrancy to them by re-staining or sanding them down. We can also replace knobs with stylish ones to enhance your bathroom’s beauty.

Our materials are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the colors of your vanity tops fade through time. But in case you are experiencing problems, we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products and services. We only care for our customer’s satisfaction, that’s why we want to address your needs as quickly and safely as possible even big or small the job is. Our renovation services will only take about 1-2 days to ensure a hassle-free process within your budget!

Our remodeling experts have gone through more than ten years of remodeling experience, so they are highly skilled in the latest techniques, tools, and materials in improving your bathroom. They are also reliable in regard to modernization as they are up to date with the modern trends in remodeling designs and projects.

A bathroom vanity installed in Tulsa, OK

Your transactions will also be safe and secured with us as we are an A+ rated veteran-owned business and a BBB-Accredited Business. The products that we use and manufacture are ADA compliant, and our products have been improving through the years as we take into account our client’s needs and concerns.

If you need to transform your bathroom space to be gorgeous but spick and span simultaneously, don’t hesitate to partner with us by giving us a call. Your bathroom woes will vanish in no time with our services!

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We’ll be more than glad to change your bathroom from boring to eccentric!

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