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Bathrooms are like symbols of comfort, peace, and relaxation. After a long and tiring day, you surely want to enjoy some personal time before connecting with everybody else. When living alone, hot baths and showers doubtlessly make you feel emotional warmth. What a great company a bathing area can be!

Because you only deserve the best, why not make yourself feel and look like royalty? More so, experience it with ease and convenience. Time to make some changes, don’t you agree? Your old, lifeless tub is out. A refreshing, luxurious shower is in.

As you look for hassle-free ways of converting your tub to shower, Reeves Remodelling ensures you get someone reliable.

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Out with the old,
in with the new!

Is your out-dated tub rarely used? Then, perhaps it is about time you maximize that space. Let your bathroom breathe into a new life. Turn your tub into an attractive, easy-access shower, and give your bathing area a refreshing look.

Sometimes, embracing change won’t hurt you. Unless that means saying hello to more used resources time, labor, and a great deal of money. But who says transforming your tub to the shower should be burdensome? This is exactly why we are here for you. Let’s keep moving!

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Turning your dreams to extraordinary possibilities

We, at Reeves Remodelling, always strive for excellence.

Part of that is accepting the challenge of providing quality services, even beyond your expectations. For us, a job well done translates to happy and satisfied customers. How do we make it possible?

We know that bathroom remodelling, particularly tub to shower conversion, is a laborious task. Just imagine going through the process of demolishing, checking and repairing pipes, and general carpentry. That’s just even half of the things needed to be done. Working with us doesn’t only save you from the hustle of doing the work yourself but also grant you access to quality still affordable services.

Cost-wise, the transformation is a financial commitment. However, we remain true to our mission of making everyone’s dream bathroom happen, and that means including the average income households. Where else can you save both time and money without sacrificing high quality?

This also reflects our promise of accessibility and exclusivity. Other than costs, the bathing experience is also meant to be enjoyed by physically challenged and mobility impaired individuals. All our bath products are ADA compliant and ensure your safety, regardless of your mobility level.

After all, don’t you think you deserve some pampering after going through your stressful times? With this, we offer you an easy-access shower where you can have a good shower spa therapy at night or every morning. Find the right combination suitable for your taste and style. Given our highly customizable designs and bath products, you’ll surely enjoy looking for your perfect match.

Each bathing experience is unique, and your satisfaction matters to us. Thus, we offer you 80 different combinations of colors and styles. You’re free to choose from a variety of shower doors, seats, grab bars, shelves, and footrests. The sizes and shapes of our shower pans can also be made based on your preferences. Now is the time to turn your dull bathrooms to a stylishly functional one.

You can never go wrong partnering with Reeves Remodelling for your tub to shower conversion project. Our experts are certified installers who have more than 12 years of experience in the business. We promise that you will only work with our best and highly skilled bathroom remodelling experts. Alongside our expertise is our fast and hassle-free process. Doing things on your own may take you weeks or months of disrupted home life. But with us, it just takes a little as 1-2 days.

The delight of seeing your dreams turn into extraordinary possibilities only lies within your hands. Save yourself from the trouble of just settling for your out-dated, dull, lifeless tub. Go get your new, refreshing shower done.

Experience transformations like no other!

Want to ensure the success of your next bathroom project? The answer is right on your fingertips!

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Converting your tub to shower will never be this fast, easy, and reliable. Partner with us today!

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