Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are often the area of a house where we put our most precious things. Often, it is the last choice – usually something really special: art, photos, or sentimental items from loved ones. But as much as you’d like to have that space a sanctuary for yourself and your special moments, sometimes you need to share it with others. If you consider bathroom vanities necessary furniture for this room, then you shouldn’t be surprised if they come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s everything you need to know about bathroom vanities.

What Is A Bathroom Vanity?

A vanity is a piece of furniture that you can take with you when you move into your new apartment, house, or room. It is usually placed against the back wall of your bathroom, but as much as a vanity will look at home in any bathroom, there are some features that make it stand out.

What Type Of Bathroom Vanity Do You Need?

You may want to use your bathroom for bathing; if so, then you should probably consider a freestanding vanity. Alternatively, good choices include sink vanities, wall-mounted vanities, or corner vanities. The design of your bathroom will help you choose between these different types. For example, you should probably avoid freestanding vanities if your bathroom is small. In addition, freestanding and sink-based vanities are often used in a master bathroom that has an extra-large tub; while corner and wall-mounted vanities tend to be installed in a powder room with a pedestal style toilet.

What Material Should Your Bathroom Vanity Be?

You have several options when it comes to materials for bathroom vanities. To keep costs low, you can choose a vanity made of plastic or wood. If you want something that looks more elegant, though, metal and glass are excellent choices.

What Finish Is Best For A Bathroom Vanity?

When it comes to the finish of your vanity cabinets – whether it is polished or unfinished – choose what is best for the space and the styles you’re considering. For instance, if you have a room with a lot of natural light, you might want to consider an unfinished wooden vanity. If your bathroom doesn’t have much natural light, then polished wood is a good choice; and polished or matte metal works well in any bathroom – especially if you have a Victorian-style or modern bathroom.

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The vanity is the most important piece of furniture in a washroom. It is the pedestal that showcases your ornamental affairs while also accommodating your needs to use the bathroom.

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