5 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom On a Budget

The National Association of Home Builders said that 81% of homeowners request bathroom remodels. The bathroom is a sanctuary and needs to stay updated and clean, so when it comes to bringing life back to the safest place of your house, remodeling can actually be a fun project.

However, DIY remodeling comes with a cost that increases quickly. So, this article will help you achieve your beautiful bathroom while saving some cash and staying within your budget.


Consider Paint Over Tiles


Consider Paint Over Tiles

Adding tiles over your floor, walls, and shower stalls can turn your old bathroom into a clean and neat sanctuary. However, you need a lot of money to pull it off as you typically need a contractor for the tile installation. If you’re on a tight budget, prioritize adding tiles to your floor.

You can still achieve that clean look by adding a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom walls. Choose the appropriate paint with good resistance to mold and mildew.

Painting your cabinets, door, and shelving can also add magic to your bathroom remodeling project.

Another tip is to make an accent wall. It instantly grabs someone’s attention without draining your pocket. For the cost of paint, you can design it with a color black or install a vertical shiplap. If you are in the mood, give board and batten a go or an aesthetic wallpaper that you like- the possibilities are limitless.

Refinishing is King

If you’re tired of seeing cracks, nicks, and yellowing shower and bathtubs, try refinishing them instead of buying new ones. That way, you extend the life of your bathtub without spending a considerable upfront cost on a bathroom renovation.

Buy over-the-counter products to spot fix your tub or toilet and achieve a cheaper bathroom remodel if you don’t need replacement or refinishing.


Bathroom Makeover


Change your Fixtures

Give your old bathroom a breath-taking makeover by changing your fixtures. Updating your towel racks, shelving drawers, faucets, handles/ knobs, or light fixtures would definitely add more life to your space. Also, find hardware that complements the plumbing fixtures.

Try Second-hand Items

If you find it expensive to update your fixtures with brand new items, try checking the online marketplace for second-hand items or that perfect faucet. Though many find this unacceptable, there are good finds out there online that you can try to remodel your new bathroom with. Try to search local thrift stores and yard sales, on Facebook groups, Craigslist, and other sites to find the best deals or even the best products.

It’s a good thing (at least on your end) because you’re practically paying for an unused item at a lower price. Some products need refurbishing, like applying spray paint to make them presentable.

Consult a Plumber for Bathroom Remodeling

An extensive bathroom remodel is not complete when plumbing is not part of your plan. When it comes to bathroom renovation, it’s best to consult with a plumber to save money from doing all the guesswork.

While there are tasks that you can search over Youtube, there are critical aspects in bathroom renovation that a plumber can help you with, such as working on the sink or toilet and seeing how they can balance the aesthetics and functionality of your precious room.

Plan Ahead

Bathroom remodel deserves careful thought. After all, a life well spent starts with a fresh bath in a cozy bathroom. At Reeves Modeling, we’ll help you figure out how to bring your dream bathroom into a reality. Let’s have a chat.