How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Did you know that there are clever design tricks to maximize your small bath without having to spend huge amounts of money? These most practical and aesthetically pleasing style tips will make small bathrooms look visually double.

Most homeowners want to have a larger bathroom, but simply can’t achieve enough space because of the limited floor space in house. Whether you’re looking to add a decadent vanity or a separate tub in a smaller bathroom, you can do so by following these tips.

smaller bathroom spaces

How a Small Bath Can Look Bigger and Get More Space

If you want to give a tiny space a bigger bathroom look, you need to consider choosing the right wall and floor colors, light fixtures, and other furniture that can help achieve more spacious-looking despite its small actual square footage.

Here are small bathroom ideas that can save space to make a small bathroom bigger and wider:

  • Add a mirrored wall color or linen closet to create more wall space by organizing bathroom items inside while the large mirror gives an illusion that the whole room is bigger than its actual small footprint.
  • Make everything white including your vanity, tub, pedestal sink, toilet, wall paint, wall hung units, tile designs, and other essential fixtures in the small powder room walls. The white paint naturally recedes, hence the more airy and bigger-looking single wall.
  • Choose materials with light colors to brighten up the entire space such as huge wall lights, metallic finishes, glass, and marble. They make the entire bathroom lighter by allowing it to reflect light around the small bathroom space and the same flooring.
  • Install a floating vanity to balance your desire for both additional storage and open space. A floating cabinet provides you with larger space to keep your toiletries while turning underneath into greater legroom, especially for smaller bathrooms.
  • Create a visually appealing look by considering the same color schemes, fittings, and fixtures that complement each other. The wall and floor tiles should also work together in adding more visual flow and natural light to your narrow bathroom. Round edges, for instance, on shower doors or clear glass doors, baths, and furniture can also make a bathroom look bigger for the entire room.
  • Find a longer area or one wall that you can emphasize by adding striped paint, molding chair rail, band of floor tile, glass shower door, glass panel, shower curtain, wall cabinets or open shelving. Make it the longest line so the eyes will be drawn to the extra space.
  • If you’re not a fan of flat walls, you can opt for textured tiles. Perhaps, you want to try the herringbone pattern or the Mother of Pearl design wall tiles that can make large format tiles more elegant and lovelier. For the final touch, put a vintage rug and dark color wooden stool for a rustic room feel.

Final Thoughts

The thing about bathroom renovation is that it’s easier and more manageable when you contact an interior stylist or tiny bathroom remodeler for expert project advice.

Even if you can get some ideas from main interior magazines from the leading digital publisher, maximizing the small space of a bathroom can be a daunting task.

Getting professional assistance from a local bathroom remodeling company will save you from stress and disappointment in case the final DIY outcome doesn’t meet your expectations.