Traditional vs. Modern Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are no longer merely functional areas; they have grown into places of relaxation and flair. When it comes to bathroom design, two main types stand out: modern and traditional designs. Each has a unique visual appeal that caters to different tastes and preferences.

Reeves Remodeling is a well-known modern design and traditional bathroom remodeling company in Tulsa, OK, that can change any type of bathroom into a beautiful comfort room in as little as 1-2 days for a fraction of the replacement cost. Let’s look at the essence of modern and traditional bathroom styles, including their distinguishing qualities and the things to consider while deciding between them.


Stylish luxury traditional bathroom


Traditional Bathroom Design

Traditional bathrooms offer timeless elegance and charm. A traditional bathroom design is rooted in classic traditional styles, and aesthetics with features of intricate decorative elements and styles, luxury materials, and a sense of nostalgia. A traditional bathroom design exudes:

  • Ornate fixtures and fittings

    Ornate fixtures and fittings include clawfoot bathtubs, pedestal sinks, and delicately crafted faucets. These traditional features give refinement and vintage appeal which is common for traditional bathroom designs.

  • Rich textures and materials

    Traditional bathrooms use contemporary materials like marble, granite, and wood to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wainscoting, beadboard, and ornamental molding are popular ways to give depth and character to the walls.

  • Soft color palettes

    Traditional bathroom designs often have soft color palettes, including milk, beige, and pastel blue. These hues produce a sense of calm and peace, which improves the overall atmosphere of the area.

  • Classic fixtures

    Traditional bathrooms have beautiful furnishings such as chandeliers, sconces, and elegant mirrors. These traditional design elements contribute to the vintage-inspired look while also providing practicality and traditional style.


Modern bathroom with black marble floor


Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathrooms are at the opposite extreme of the design spectrum, with sleek lines, minimalist details, and a contemporary vibe. A modern bathroom commonly features:

  • Clean lines and geometric shapes

    Modern bathrooms prioritize simplicity and efficiency. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and smooth surfaces provide a sense of openness and provide movement in the room. Adapting to more contemporary styles can lead to a visually appealing bathroom.

  • Innovative fixtures and technology

    From wall-mounted toilets to touchless faucets, contemporary bathrooms incorporate modern elements like cutting-edge modern fixtures, natural materials, and technology to increase utility and convenience. A shower enclosure, marble countertops, heated floor space, and LED lighting are all prominent aspects of modern bathroom designs.

  • Neutral color palette

    White, grey, and black commonly dominate modern bathroom design, producing a classy and timeless contemporary bathroom appearance. These colors provide a backdrop for pops of color or dramatic embellishments, creating visually contemporary aesthetics in the area.

  • Minimalistic accessories

    In modern-style bathroom design, accessories are kept to a minimum. Simple and sleek fixtures such as floating smart storage solutions, minimalist hardware, and minimalist vanity mirrors enhance the space’s clean appearance without overwhelming it.


Woman shopping for new bathroom


Choosing between Traditional and Modern Bathroom Style

When choosing between traditional and modern bathroom styles, consider the following factors:

  • Personal style

    Your style and preferences influence the design direction of your bathroom. Do you like classic elegance or contemporary minimalism?

  • Architectural context

    When choosing between conventional and modern bathroom designs, consider your home’s architectural style. Choose an interior design for your bathroom that flows easily with the overall look of your home.

  • Functionality

    Consider your functional needs and preferences while constructing your bathroom project. Consider storage needs, accessibility, and simplicity of maintenance to ensure that your design is both functional, efficient, and still visually stunning.

  • Budget and timetable

    Determine your project’s budget and timeline, as these will determine the materials, fixtures, and design aspects that can be used in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Tulsa

Reeves Remodeling takes great pride in renovating your new dream bathroom as professionals in Tulsa. Our professionals are here to help with everything from bath design to product and material installation to continuous customer care after we renovate. We aim to achieve your design preferences for your bathrooms, whether it be incorporating classic design elements, contemporary designs, or even blending modern with traditional design style.

We’ve assisted homeowners with their renovation projects in all parts of northeastern Oklahoma, from Broken Arrow to Fort Smith and Kansas. Our comprehensive traditional and modern designs for bathroom renovation solutions and economical prices constantly contribute to our client satisfaction.