What Is The Difference Between A Bathroom Remodel And A Bathroom Renovation?

In the world of home improvement, the terms “renovation” and “remodeling” are frequently used interchangeably. And indeed, they are extremely similar. However, when it comes to the real project, there are significant deviations.

Now, we don’t want to engage in an etymology lecture, but it’s important to point out the differences to anyone interested in spending money to update a room in their home. Planning a bathroom remodel or a bathroom renovation will inevitably be a job most families will encounter, so this information will help you align your expectations and create the best bathroom within your timeframe and budget.

A Bathroom Remodel In A Nutshell

When you think about a bathroom remodel, you refer to the alterations made to its appearance. It emphasizes only modifying the layout, design, and overall appearance. Thus, a bathroom remodel essentially gives older homes a new design and feel. It does not include structural modifications, such as altering the walls, flooring or the size of the space.

In this manner, bathroom remodels utilize existing elements and cost less overall. They either transform it into a completely new bathroom, or modify it to conform to a new style or layout, or add missing features. Consequently, cosmetic changes include installing new vanities, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, and countertops.

Suppose you no longer enjoy the old toilet or bathtub in your bathroom that consumes all the space and you want to replace it with a shower. Remodeling is simply replacing old hardware with new materials within the same room. While you are significantly altering the layout, look, and usefulness, the structure remains unchanged.

A popular example of this is a tub-to-shower conversion where a standalone walk-in shower is installed in the area where a bathtub once was. If you just want to replace tile, get a new vanity, new sink, or a new countertop, then a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect choice for you.

complete remodeled bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Explained

Renovation is the process of modifying an entire bathroom. Generally speaking, it can expand beyond kitchen and bathroom renovations. In reality, many people choose to do a basement overhaul as well.

This is different from a bath remodel since you are making major changes to the layout or style of the new space, and it also encompasses all major and minor enhancements that help revitalize or expand the functionality of bathrooms. Renovations add quite a bit of value to a house if homeowners plan to sell their property.

You may like to repaint your bathroom vanity or install new fixtures or materials that give it a contemporary appeal, or you may even want to modify the entire structure of your bathroom, depending on its condition. This usually reflects positively on the value of your house in the long run because of the functional value that it delivers, not only to you but to future home buyers as well.

These essential adjustments fall under the term ‘renovation’ articulated by the home improvement industry.

While the differences are evident, there is much overlap, and most people don’t have a homogenous perspective on these two terms. Most don’t bother with the project’s specificity as long as they can acquire the required improvements. There are numerous aspects that start to make sense while you’re deciding whether you want a full bathroom remodel or a renovation project.

Before and after bathroom renovation

Why Does The Difference Matter?

Now you may be wondering, “Should I even care about the difference between bathroom remodeling and renovating?” The answer is yes. Your judgment is based not only on the distinction between these two related terms, but also on the implications of these distinct projects. For example, when you renovate, you will likely require general contractors to oversee the demolition, etc. There may also be significant alterations to the plumbing lines.

Ultimately, your home is one of the largest investments you can make, and you don’t want to commit to services only to experience buyer’s remorse. Understanding the distinction can help you establish a clear path for the renovation of your bathroom.

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