How To Start Bathroom Renovation Projects

A bathroom remodel is an exciting project. But, before you get too giddy about picking out the newest tile or bathtub design, there are a few less exciting things to think about to ensure everything turns out how you imagined it. Since a bathroom renovation can be intimidating, time-consuming, and expensive, we’ve created a simple checklist to keep your project on track and the renovation running smoothly.


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Work out the budget

When it comes to bathroom remodels and other remodeling jobs, every dollar counts, so be particular when deciding on a budget for the project. Don’t forget that bathroom renovations are prone to unanticipated costs and expensive materials that can push you over budget. Make sure you have a plan for potentially going over your budget.

How much do you expect it to cost?

First and foremost, your restoration project will never get off the ground without a budget. As a result, before you consider that fancy shower head, the large mirror you want to hang over the sink, the plumbing fixtures, the plumbing pipes, new fixtures, the bathroom flooring, and the double sinks, you need to figure out just how much money you have to invest in this endeavor.

What Will You Do With the Money?

It’s time to start allocating those funds once you have a solid renovation plan in mind. Decide how much you’ll need to spend on each section of the project, like the wet room, shower walls, walk in shower, heated floors, master bath, and existing plumbing, taking into account all of the resources you’ll need (do you have paintbrushes?) — as well as any professionals you may require.

Pros or DIY?

You’ll have to determine if you want to hire a professional or do it yourself for larger projects. If you’re on a tight budget, DIY might be the way to go. After that, request bids from home improvement store or shop around for the best deals online. If you are in Tulsa, you might consider a remodeling contractor in Tulsa.

In the planning phase, ask the remodeler for budget friendly options or a method to minimize costs in their estimate. For example, maybe you can opt for a more simple toilet or rehab the old fixtures to save money. Things like stand up showers or a recessed medicine cabinet which could require work to an exterior wall, electrical wiring, or new plumbing fixtures might be too expensive.


Many people believe that remodeling a tiny bathroom will only take a few days, or at the very least, much less time than rebuilding a larger one. This isn’t always the case. Planning for a remodel, on the other hand, entails not only determining the duration of the restoration project, but also ordering and purchasing bath tile, bathroom fixtures, a custom-built vanity and cabinets in advance to ensure that they’re ready when your contractor needs them. For individuals who only have one bathroom in their home, planning time is particularly important because they will have to make arrangements where they will be able to shower.


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Decide the Bathroom Renovation Design Elements

You might be thinking about destroying your washroom and starting over from scratch, or maybe just making a couple of overhauls. Regardless, it’s vital to make a list of all the things that you’ll be dealing with to ensure you’re canvassed as far as financial plan, supplies, and work. For example, your rundown could look a little something like this:

  • Add new light apparatuses
  • Expand the room
  • Redesign sink and spigots
  • Obtaining the essential tools

Ask yourself some of the commonly overlooked, but major considerations when it comes to remodeling bathrooms. For lighting, will you want a circuit tester to deal with wiring for another installation? What kind of capacity do you need, and will it require exceptional apparatuses to introduce? Will you really want a handyman installing your expensive new vanity or new sink?

It’s a smart thing to first answer all the questions on your list so you can anticipate any “road obstructions” before you reach them.

These are just some of the things that must be considered before starting a bathroom remodeling. If you’re in Oklahoma, and considering having pros do your bathroom or floor, you can contact Reeves Remodeling. We’re considered one of the best remodeling contractors in Tulsa because we can help you with the best design style available for your space and complete the renovation in as little as 2 days.