How To Maintain Your New Bathroom

Your new bathroom is finally finished! You’ve been cleaning and organizing the other rooms in your house for months, so now it’s finally time to start making your new space liveable. No doubt that when you move into a new home, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining your bathroom decor. But with a little elbow grease and some attention, you can keep that toilet seat sparkling for years to come.

In this post we’ll show you how easy it is to get what we at Traditional Home sometimes like to call “bathroom religion” — and just how rewarding it can be for both the eyes and soul.

Maintaining your new bathroom

Bathroom maintenance for your new accessories

Bathroom cleaning may not be the most enjoyable activity, but it’s a necessity. Besides, toilet maintenance is extremely important if you want your home improvement project to succeed. After all, those new shiny bathroom fixtures can develop mold and mildew over time.

1. Toilet seats and lids

Cleaning plastic toilet seats is easy. Simply scrub your seat once a week with a mild cleaner and a soft-bristled brush. Use the back of your toilet tank to hold the brush in place and slide it along the underside of the seat. You can also use a disposable cleaning cloth to keep the seat clean between weekly cleanings. Come up with an easy schedule for keeping up with regular maintenance, so the job doesn’t become overwhelming or take you away from more important home projects. You’ll be proud to see that after just a few weeks, you’ll have a toilet that sparkles every time you see it!

2. Toilet paper holders

Mount your toilet paper holders near the top of your toilet (not directly under the water). This is so you can easily reach them while sitting on the toilet, but it also means that someone who is standing on the other side of the bowl doesn’t have to bend over to pick up a roll.

3. Medicine cabinets and mirrors

Toiletry cabinets and mirrors are usually made from metal, which tends to tarnish or rust over time. The best cleaning tips for these fixtures is to wipe it down every once in a while. This will help prevent water spots from forming in the area where leaks are most likely.

Bathroom maintenance checklist

We’ve got a lot of bathroom cleaning tips for you. Here’s a quick bathroom cleaning checklist that will help keep your bathroom looking polished:

  • Clean and deodorize the toilet bowl weekly
  • Replace the toilet seat cover at least yearly (you can cut out any old stains with a razor blade)
  • Wipe down the cabinet doors and shelves monthly
  • Give the mirror and medicine cabinet once-over with glass cleaner monthly (or whenever they look dirty)
  • Scrub the tile after a shower
  • When cleaning, follow the most basic of all tips: Clean what you see.  It’s just that simple! Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it so your bathroom does not fall into disrepair. If you are always cleaning parts of your bathroom on an ongoing basis, it is extremely easy to maintain, even if you are very busy.

Bathroom maintenance tips

There is no shortage of tasks and problems to overcome after a bathroom remodel. Here are some cleaning tips so you don’t miss that bit of mold that could build up on your shower doors and tile caulk or grout due to leaks.

Don’t forget the toilet seat!

The toilet seat cover is one of the most important aspects of bathroom maintenance. Over time, the fabric moves and stretches and dirt and grime accumulate, leaving the hard plastic seat discolored. We’ve had our custom-made toilet covers for six years now, and they’re still in great shape.

The fabric is so durable that we only have to clean the covers once a year — but if you use a different material, your cleaning schedule may be more frequent. Another great option is to have no-skid site mats placed on top of your existing toilet lid for safety so it doesn’t slide around thanks to soap scum while you are sitting on or getting off of it.

The more you clean, the more you will enjoy your bathroom

Having a dirty or stained bathroom is demoralizing because of all of the wasted time cleaning something that is already fairly simple to maintain. Having a dirty or stinky site is something that tends to put us down in life; it’s not something we want to happen often. So it’s important to make sure to clean up your bathrooms from soap scum every so often that it becomes just another part of cleaning your house regularly. To make it easier, keep your bathroom maintenance checklist close by.

Don’t forget to check your toilet tank

It’s easy to just ignore your toilet’s need for a cleaning. In the case of some models, it is easy enough to clean by simply pulling down on the handle and then washing the filter in warm water. However, every lavatory (even those that are self-cleaning) should be cleaned every week or two to keep dirt from accumulating. This can be done by wiping down the bowl with a cloth slightly dampened with white vinegar (the cupboard cleaner works well too). Be sure that you don’t use too much vinegar because it may ruin your seals on the tank.

Loosening the bolts  or cleaning your flapper

A squeaky seat cover can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to sleep in another room. You should check every once in a while that the bolts holding the lid down are secure and tight.

It’s easy to maintain a brand new bathroom especially when you’re armed with these great bathroom maintenance tips for battling mold and rust stains on your shower door or sink. Besides, maintaining a clean bathroom is good for your health.