What Fixtures Should Match In A Bathroom?

While not required, matching fixtures can help a bathroom look more polished. Most bathrooms have a uniform style and use the same color palette throughout. The sink, faucet, towel bar, cabinet hardware, and lighting all fall within this category. Ideally, bathroom fixtures should be paired, yet, some have varying finishes.

All the bathroom hardware may be stainless steel, while the faucets could be a uniform matte finish, or even brass or brushed nickel. Though not identical, the finishes complement one another effectively inside the space, adding visual interest without disrupting the overall harmony of the design.


Plumber installs a new faucet for a sink


Popular Finish Combinations

When entering the bathroom design world for the first time, mixing finishes may be exciting for interior designers, but could be quite an intimidating process for those who are not. To help ease any tension in decision making, here are some suggested combinations to aid with the process:


Matte Black and Gold Finishes

If you’re a fan of strong contrasts, try combining matte black with gold. When applied to similar fixtures, black and gold are just as complementary as black and silver. So, either go for black, except for water fittings, then use gold for the bathroom faucets. On the other hand, try having faucets match if it’s a matte black faucet to gold fixtures.


Black and Silver Metal Finishes

You can never go wrong with standard black and silver. These two coatings go together so well; they complement each other naturally and produce a fresh overall appearance. Matte and shiny black work wonderfully with silvery tones like stainless steel, brass, chrome, nickel, and other metals, which can have warmer undertones.

Cabinet hardware, light switches, towel racks and hooks, and door knobs should all be silvery; for contrast, the sink, tub, and shower hardware should be black. You may also invert the colors, putting the bathroom faucets silver and the rest black.


Dark and modern bathroom with black and silver color


Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Copper Finish

Both of these finishes have warm undertones, but they are very different. The oil-rubbed bronze brings an air of mystery and antiquity to a room, while the copper brings a vivid amber, for a splash of color.

Pick a copper sink and match it with oil-rubbed bronze accessories. Consider a stand-alone copper tub to complement your sink for a more dramatic effect.


What Are The 3 Main Fixtures For A Bathroom?

Bathroom Faucet

Faucets can be found in different finishes, styles, materials, and control configurations for water pressure, temperature, and flow. Fortunately, manufacturers guide you to narrow down options to pick the best sink or tub . Provide as much detail as possible while looking for faucet finishes.

Think about the goals of your bathroom design project. Do you want a luxurious, high-quality appearance or something more reasonably priced? How much of a focal point or subtle accent do you want the faucet in the room to be? Is ease of use a priority for your customer? Maybe you could install a water-saving gadget that would help the planet somehow.


Having the right light fixtures is crucial to your whole vanity experience. The variety of options will help you create the bathroom of your dreams, whether you’re searching for a brilliant, or a more subtle surrounding. While some provide vanity lights, others have close-to-ceiling bulbs that may add a new lighting dimension to those more large-sized comfort rooms.


Black shower bathroom



Without a shower, a bathroom is not always complete. Check various shower faucets, including rainshower heads, multi-function shower heads, and hand held showers, ideal for use in a compact bathroom with a shower. The same shower style may be utilized with a tub spout attached since many shower faucets are sold as part of a tub and shower system.


Do Doorknobs Have To Match Bathroom Fixtures?

It depends, matching bathroom accessories with doorknobs is not always necessary. The decision is yours whether or not you want to match your doorknob with other fixtures.

Most people create matching styles or the same finish with their doorknobs and modern bathroom overall style for a more eclectic, yet harmonious vibe. Some also prefer to have two finishes; for example, having a master bath with a metal finish and bronze faucets, to keep a stark contrast.


How To Choose Bathroom Fittings?

Accessories, or fittings, are supplementary parts for larger fixtures. Shower heads, toilet seats, soap dishes, and towel racks are all examples of fittings. Picking the right bathroom finishes is crucial. Hence, investing in high-quality items that may serve several purposes while still looking great is essential.


When shopping for new fixtures, quality should always come first. Quality includes the products being durable and lasting. Remember that investing in high-quality fittings for the bathroom will always be worth it.


Modern, dark luxury bathroom



The style of bathroom fittings is vital to the room’s overall atmosphere. Make sure your new area is comfortable, efficient, practical, and elegant by choosing the correct pieces.

Shower heads, sinks, toilets, mirrors, and other elements match and populate today’s bathrooms. Before you do a bathroom remodel in your home, it is a must to consider all these factors to ensure everything blends well together.


Keep It Simple With Cohesive Bathroom Fixtures

Mixing materials that don’t go together can make the feel of a room unbalanced and disorganized, however, combining complementary finishes gives the impression that everything in the room was designed to go together. Try not to mix faucet decor and with unrelated metals or designs existing throughout the same house.

So, there’s no reason why you can’t keep the bathroom’s decor and finished look consistent throughout. Bath accessories, paint, themes, and lighting are all great places to incorporate contrast and variety for the perfect bathroom.