About Tulsa, Oklahoma

What to Know About Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a very unique city with lots of history and ups and downs over the years. Now, in 2019 it is slowly creeping back up to being one of the most sought after cities for living in America. This is due to the incredibly low cost of living for a city, almost non-existent traffic jams and friendly people.

As the second largest city in Oklahoma, this slow paced gem of a city is located at the shores of Arkansas River and foothills of Ozark Mountains. Being near the mountains often gives Tulsa refuge from the most severe weather and tornadoes, although it is still in the danger zone in what is known as ‘tornado alley.’  The city originally came to rise during the oil rush of America’s early days, and at one time laid claim as the largest populous of wealthy African American business owners. Some of its landmarks such as Philtower and Philcade buildings reflect the modern construction boom thanks to the prosperous oil industry.

Fun Fact:

Tulsa is known to have more convenience stores than any other city in the USA.

tulsa, oklahoma

Things to do in Tulsa

Philbrook Museum of Art

Housed in Italian style, the vast museum has a lot of exhibits from American, Asian, European, and African artists. It is surrounded by lush gardens. The Philbrook Museum showcases collections of art from around the world. However, the cornerstone collection focuses on American art featuring paintings, jewelry, pottery, and basketry.

Gathering Place

This is a public nature park that is located along Riverside Drive. With over 100 acres, The Gathering Place offers guests playgrounds, trails, gardens, outdoor concerts, restaurants, events, boat rentals, and so much more. The good thing about public parks is that you can return to them over and over again, without paying a dime.

Tulsa Botanic Garden

Developed on a 170-acre site, a few miles northwest of downtown Tulsa, it has a lot to offer for plant lovers. You can stroll across the lake with botanic displays and beds. It has an ornamental garden that showcases over 400 plant varieties. Also, there is a Children’s Discovery Garden that is simply a fantastical wonderland environment that entices horticultural plantings. Children can enjoy water play and exploration here.

Center of the Universe

Well, it may not be the center of the universe according to science; this one in Tulsa is believed to be. It is marked by a concrete circle in the middle of an enormous circle of bricks. Although it may not be really amazing to look at, it is a little known mysterious acoustic phenomenon. When you make noise in the middle of the circle, it is echoed back multiple times louder.


No list about Tulsa would be complete without mentioning the vast amount of restaurants available for practically any pallette. The area is known for its down home cooking, chicken fried steak, frito pies and baked potatoes, but one may be surprised to find authentic cuisine from around the world as well. Be sure to visit Shawkat for Lebanese food, Mangos is a cozy Cuban restaurant near E 3rd Street. If you like tastes of Southeast Asia there are plenty of Thai restaurants, but one new addition is an Indonesian restaurant called Rendang.

Breweries are also popping up all over the place in Tulsa to accommodate the growing nightlife scene. Places like Welltown Brewing are a fine complement to the established kings of town like Marshall Brewing and Prairie Artisan Ales.

Whatever your taste, you’ll find it in Tulsa, Oklahoma.