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Wide bathroom with cozy bathtub and vanities with tops

Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are often the area of a house where we put our most precious things. Often, it is the last choice – usually something really special: art, photos, or sentimental items from loved ones. But as much as you’d like to have that space a sanctuary for yourself and your special moments, sometimes you need to share it with others.

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How To Choose A Contractor Featured Image Reeves Remodeling

How To Choose A Contractor

When you’re looking for a contractor for your next project, you’ll likely want to consider these three key factors: quality, price, and experience. For any type of project — whether it’s painting your house or rebuilding a deck — you should be able to find the right contractor.

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A worker doing the tiles for bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services In Tulsa

Bath remodeling is the process of renovating an existing bathroom. This can include anything from changing the flooring, to adding a new tub, or upgrading cabinets and fixtures. Our company specializes in bathroom remodels and we are happy to help you find the right remodeling contractors for your home in Tulsa.

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Elegant looking bathroom with vanities and lots of mirrors

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Custom Vanities

A vanity is one of the most important items in a woman’s bathroom. It’s not just for makeup or hair styling, but it can be used as a dressing table or an office desk too. With so many styles of vanities on the market these days, it can be hard to figure out what you might need and what you don’t. Which is why we’re here to give you some advice on what to consider before making your next bathroom vanity purchase.

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Cozy bathtub in the center of a classic white bathroom

How A Bathroom Remodel Will Impact Your Life

The benefits of a bathroom remodel go way beyond a walk in shower and storage space (hello, brand new cabinets). The truth is, anyone who has a bath or shower in their home will benefit from the positive changes a remodeling project can bring. Below are just a few of the numerous benefits you can expect when you remodel your bathroom, but first let’s start at where we begin.

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How to Find a Good Tulsa Bathroom Remodeler - Reeves Remodeling

How To Find A Good Tulsa Bathroom Remodeler

We at Reeves Remodeling have been in the business in Tulsa for 12 years. Our owner Steve Reeves, is a veteran. Our company is BBB Accredited and Insured. Our company remodels anything that has to do with bathrooms. You name it we can do it. We have existing projects that are almost complete.

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