The Benefits of Having a Custom Bathroom Vanity

For most homeowners, a bathroom is a utility room that doesn’t garner a lot of attention as far as decor is concerned. With trends emerging, there has been a growing focus on bath decor as far as home comfort is concerned. Many remodeling projects have an emphasis on the overall look of the comfort room to match the house. Thus, if you’d like your bathroom to look like the rest of the interior, then you will need to add more than a toilet, bathtub, cabinets, and a sink.

It’s always good to freshen up the room with nice inviting decorative pieces in the form of shower curtains, plants, towels, and a bathroom vanity. Since the bathroom is a versatile place, the dressing table is always a focal point because it is a decorative piece with it’s own style and colors. We’ve listed some of the reasons to consider a beautiful bathroom vanity.

a stylish bathroom vanity
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Easy to customize

There are unlimited styles and designs for vanities that are sure to fit perfectly in any home. Why buy a cookie cutter bath dresser from a hardware store when you can easily customize, refurbish or build your own. For instance, using paints and patterns that match the look of the room is essential. Wooden vanities are usually improved by simply re-staining or sanding them down. Using beautiful and unique knobs is a nice touch and often draws attention to it.

Helps keep clutter out

Keeping clutter out of sight is one of the reasons for having bathroom cabinets. You can store everything from towels, toilet paper, grooming items and more in drawers and shelves of the vanity. Just because you are using a given accessory every day does not mean you have to display it for everyone to see.

Creates pleasant bathroom space

You can create an excellent space that allows you to enjoy bright lighting for grooming, whether it is at night or in the morning, without wasting time trying to get rid of the mess. There is something inviting and comforting about a unique custom vanity that matches the style and decor of a home.

Adds value to your property

Vanities can make your bathroom pop and add overall value for homeowners. By simply adding a dressing table inside the room, you can instantly freshen up your home and turn it from being simple to stylish.

Finding the best contractor to custom build a vanity is essential and should be part of any renovation project to improve your comfort room.