Do I Need A Design Before Hiring A Contractor To Remodel A Bathroom?

One of the most satisfying home improvement projects is a bathroom remodel. Installing a modern stand-up shower, a new bathtub, or beautiful walls and tile offer immediate and personal results. To ensure the best bathroom remodel, you can hire general contractors to oversee your project. But is it really essential to have a design ready before contacting a contractor? Read on to find out.


Roles of a General Contractor


Roles of a General Contractor

A contractor is a great planner, problem solver, communicator, and project manager. Their main goal is understanding the client’s visions and bringing them to life, without spending too much money. Generally, a good contractor and their team of professionals can guide you through the bathroom design, materials, and creative solutions of your home renovation.

Is Design Needed Before Hiring a Contractor?

A renovated bathroom can instantly impact the quality of life and the house value. You must have a clear plan and ideas before reaching out to a company. In most cases, a design at hand can make the job a bit easier, but it’s not a requirement to have a full design from an architect or interior designer before discussing the project with your chosen company, since some of these contractors should also offer add-on solutions.

Most contractors come with a full package which includes layout and design services, project management, and construction. While bathroom remodeling contractors focus more on the construction work, they also tend to offer professional assistance and ideas for the new design. Projects needing even more expertise on the layout which require designer skills and engineering elements such as moving plumbing lines and fixture solutions are some of the additional services that many contractors offer.

Getting Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Expert

Other than considering an all-around bathroom contractor, here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best assistance for your home renovation.

Search for Qualified Companies

An excellent contractor must not only have a valid license and proper insurance but also a wide scope of work from interior design to construction. Internet, personal referrals, and organizations like the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the National Association of Remodeling Industry can help clients find good leads.

Know their Capabilities

Reach out and compare the contractors on your list. Ask some basic questions to know their capabilities:

  • References from similar jobs
  • Updated insurance and contractor license number
  • Presence of designers and subcontractors
  • Training for a certified lead carpenter or certified kitchen and bath designer
  • Local Google reviews



Hire the best contractor

Vet the Top Prospects

Verify the license by contacting the state licensing board. Also, check the insurance status with their carrier. Beware of any red flags such as lack of recent jobs, consistent high-cost overruns, and poor courtesy reviews.

Have Thorough Site Visits

Give them a detailed project plan which includes the budget, room size, materials, and fixtures. A good remodeler will usually provide free in-home consultations which is always best so they can get a visual concept of the layout. Be sure that the homeowner is on the same page with the company during the entire renovation.

Get a Written Estimate

Review the quotes submitted after the site visit. It must be detailed based on the verbal estimates and discussions. Normally, a thorough contract includes the list of materials, complete costs, payment schedule, site plan, and timeline schedule of primary construction tasks.

Sign a Legal Contract

Once you decide on the general contractor, a contract must be signed by both parties. This must include all the services that the company will render including design, construction and even cleanup.

Hire the Best Contractor

As homeowners, you should be rightfully involved with your existing bathroom renovation. Thus, it is important to hire the best bathroom remodeling contractor who understands your needs. At Reeves Remodeling, we handle all the legwork for bathroom renovations. Our team provides what you visualize for your space – from planning to designing, up to successful completion. Contact us today to set up a visit with our experts.