5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Makeover

When you want to create a relaxing oasis that you can visit several times a day without leaving the house, the bathroom is the perfect spot to do so. The bathroom is where you can safely shut yourself in for thirty minutes to shower and escape life, stress, and the chaos outside the room.

But you’ll only experience optimum relaxation in your home if the bathroom is also of excellent quality. So it becomes a family deliberation whether to let your bathroom stay in its old condition or have a complete remodeling.

planning to do a bathroom makeover

What Is The First Thing To Do In A Bathroom Makeover?

It can be distressing to see your bathroom lacking storage space, cracked tiles, peeling paint, poor ventilation, leaky faucets, outdated décor, mold issue, water damage, etc. And if you decide to remodel your bathroom, you may get overwhelmed with where to start.

The first thing to do for your bathroom remodel project is to plan it out and write down some problems that you want to address. Planning it first will lead you to unfold how you should design your outdated bathroom. When you’ve addressed your concerns and recorded any health hazard, it’s time to research and hire a team to start demolishing your old bathroom to re-install the essentials and needs.

The finishing touch will be the last thing you will do for your makeover. You should observe the progress of your bathroom to see if it has proper ventilation, more storage space, more accessible features, nice sinks, and no worse leaky faucet. If all of your goals in your remodeling are attained, then you are good to go for an excellent shower experience.

Five Signs Your Bathroom Needs Renovation

Before you start your renovation project, below are the obvious signs that your bathroom needs a makeover.

1. Bathroom Lacks Functionality

Things you expect from a bathroom will evolve as you do. The needs of your bathrooms will inevitably change, so it is important to design your space in a way that allows for versatility. If this happens, hire a professional designer for a bathroom makeover if your existing bathroom is inconvenient or not up to your standards.

2. Potential Dangers

Accidents are common in bathrooms since they are usually wet and have hard floors. Your family may often fall on slippery floors. Generally, slippery floors are especially risky for older relatives. Even the kids shouldn’t have to deal with floors like that.

Sometimes leaks from your fixtures can also cause a wet floor. So, an immediate bathroom renovation can prevent serious accidents.

3. Outdated Décor

An outdated bathroom décor and color scheme indicates it’s time for a makeover. You may have matured in your tastes or fashions have changed. The first indicator that a complete bathroom remodel is if you find the current color scheme unappealing for whatever reason, your grout fades, and you need new fixtures.

4. Obvious Damage

When visible damage like wasted water or mold growth is present in your bathroom, it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel. The extent of the damage will determine how extensive of an upgrade you’ll need to perform on your bathroom.

It might be as simple as installing a new tub or as severe as mold spores that can cause eye irritation and other health hazards when you’re taking a bath. If you notice these damages, then your bathroom needs a complete remodel.

Lighting Appearance

5. Lighting Appearance

Bathroom renovations should be considered if the lights are too bright in the morning and the reflection in the mirror is too dark at night. Lighting plays an important role in re-creating the mood of a space and simultaneously making your small bathroom appear bigger. But, recessed lighting is often overlooked during a bathroom makeover in favor of more basic changes.

How Often Should A Bathroom Be Updated?

Renovation of a bathroom is recommended every 4-5 years based on trends, and according to professionals. Some remodelers say to renovate roughly around 15-20 years if it’s based on the average durability of washroom materials, which can break down as time passes, such as:

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Faucets and other fixtures
  • Fresh coat of paint
  • Grab handles and doorknobs
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Vent fan
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Ceiling
  • Grout, caulking and seals

If you plan on selling your home, the bathroom also often requires a makeover since it’s typically used as selling points in your home. And potential buyers prefer clean, healthy, mold-free areas and a structure that reduces water consumption.

Enjoy Cozy Showering In A Remodeled Bathroom

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space for you to use. In bathroom makeovers, always consider how you can relax and enjoy yourself. Altering even a few things in your bathroom can have a significant impact. Of course, improvements to the bathroom can also increase the experience of taking a shower.