How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

Bathrooms are prime spaces in every household. Its frequent use requires deep cleaning, periodic maintenance, and sometimes even full bathroom remodeling.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, homeowners tend to save money and allot a huge chunk for renovating the dated bathroom in the master bedroom. This amount can even be compared to the same cost of renovating the main powder room or guest bath. The cost ultimately depends on what you envisioned your new bathroom to look like. Below, we’ve listed the essential renovation costs that you must consider for your makeover project.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom remodel cost depends on the complexity of the job. To fully assess the overall cost, the following elements must be known:

  • Location and overhead costs
  • Average bathroom size and floor plan
  • Amount and cost of materials
  • Plumbing costs and electrical requirements
  • New fixtures and added features

Renovated bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Costs: An Overview

Now, let’s take a look at the bathroom remodeling costs: based on the scale of the area and based on the materials to be used.

A. Based on Scale

Depending on the floor area and extent of the renovation, you’ll have an insight into how much homeowners spend to redo their bathrooms.

Small Bathrooms

The small bathroom remodel costs around $70 per square footage. This includes the addition of basic fixtures and DIY labor. Hiring a licensed contractor will cost you more than twice the estimated cost.

Midrange Bathrooms

For medium-sized bathrooms, a safe estimate is $250 per square foot. This includes the installation costs of the vanity with sink and fixtures to enhance the overall value of your home.

Large Bathrooms

Upscaling the master bathrooms will cost around $600 per square foot. It includes the installation of high-end fixtures such as double vanity, a separate shower, a separate tub – either a walk-in tub or soaking tub.

B. Based on Materials Used

With the wide variety of materials, you must understand their features and know their cost to avoid going beyond your budget for bathroom renovations.

Shower and Tub

Acrylic showers cost about $500, while integrated type showers are around $4000. Alcove tub with shower and shower curtain combo can go as high as $15000.


The prices of basic toilets vary depending on the model, which can go have an average cost range of $100 to $1000. Consider additional costs for plumbing work when moving toilets.


Typically, a bathroom vanity includes the sink, faucet, cabinet, and bathroom counter. Its cost ranges from $300 to $3800, depending on style. High-end custom cabinetry even exceeds $10000.


New bathroom cabinets


Cabinets and Countertops

Bathroom cabinets usually cost around $250. The affordable, easy-to-install laminate countertops are a more common choice than custom-built ones due to their price.


An amazing bathroom floor adds to the overall appeal. Wall and floor tile can be made of linoleum, natural stone, ceramic, or wood. Linoleum is the cheapest at $45, while a more expensive option is wood flooring which can go for $200.


A fresh coat of moisture-resistant paint with natural lighting can go a long way too. Repainting is one of the least expensive parts costing only $350 to $750.

Electrical and Plumbing

Set aside about $1450 for electrical installations and plumbing fixtures which should be done by professionals.

C. Other Considerations

Just like in any remodeling and home improvement project, the following may incur additional costs.

Cost of Labor

The labor costs run around 40% to 65% of the total project. For professional plumbing and electrical jobs, expect to pay $45 to $60 per hour.

Building Permit

Building permits range between $350 to $1800 depending on the renovation plan – whether it affects the structural or simply rearrangement.

Fixtures and Accents

Accents such as light fixtures, mirrors, or shower curtains add up to the cost of the master bathroom remodel.


A man renovating the bathroom


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